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Promoting Excellence in Interactive Customer Experience


The Interactive Customer Experience Association aims to connect B2C brands to the technology that elevates the customer experience.

We are living in a golden age of technology that many of our supplier members are harnessing to revolutionize the customer experience. As customer-facing technology evolves, along with new technology and new markets, the need for keeping pace with industry information is greater than ever before. Despite the name change from the Digital Screenmedia Association to the Interactive Customer Experience Association, the mission is the same – to help brands apply technology to the goal of creating transcendent customer experiences.

The ICX Association is a vital hub that connects users and suppliers in collaborative forums, be they virtual or physical, to understand how seemingly unrelated technologies can be integrated to create experiences so meaningful that customers can’t imagine doing business elsewhere.

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Brand Membership

Becoming an ICX Association Member gives you access to all the resources you need to choose the right technology to elevate the customer experience.

Supplier Membership

The ICX Association’s mission is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience. The ICX Association helps supplier members build collaborative relationships with end-users by educating them on how and why your solutions matter in creating better customer experiences.

NMG-world50x50 ICX Summit

In 3 days, you’ll make new ICX connections, get deep ICX insights and have fun networking with the brightest ICX professionals in the world.

Explore many of the technologies available to businesses – retail, hospitality, travel, restaurants, healthcare and more – for engaging customers. Interactive Customer Experience Summit covers the landscape from kiosks to digital signage to mobile and beyond to give attendees insights they can put in action now to deliver outstanding interactive customer experiences.

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