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Our sites cover industries ranging from the established ATM industry (with an eye to how fintech is changing the retail banking industry) to the newer mobile payments space and the cutting-edge virtual currency markets. But more than just covering these markets with an objective journalistic eye, our sites advocate for their industries, providing market analysis and insight meant to help drive growth for vendors and end-user deployers alike.

Our editors are leaders and experts in their fields, sought after for their insights, filling speaking engagements and regularly landing on ‘best of’ lists across their industries.

In addition to editorial expertise, the Networld Media Group editorial team helps develop a range of industry events that bring together the leaders in their respective fields to keep them in front of that bleeding edge of relevance.

Recent Press Releases

Networld Media Group, publishers of ATM Marketplace and Mobile Payments Today, handed out seven awards during a gala banquet, sponsored by Cineplex Digital Media, last night. The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the Bank Customer Experience (BCX) Summit at the Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile. The Best in Bank Customer Experience Awards honor innovative, consumer-focused […]

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To paraphrase economist Rudi Dornbusch in a 1997 interview on the PBS show, Frontline, “[Change] takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.” That’s an observation that will resonate with countless banking executives today who are feeling pressure to compete with financial startups […]

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The following news sites published by Networld Media Group serve the Payments Market.

The world’s only site dedicated exclusively to news and information about the ATM industry, focusing on payment technology, banking trends and regulatory issues.


Kiosk Marketplace is the world’s #1 news site dedicated to the self-service and kiosk industries, with additional focus on mobile payments and digital signage.


Mobile Payments Today is a premier news and information site dedicated exclusively to the fast-growing mobile payments market.

NMG-world50x50 Executive Summits & Events

Our industry-leading events are attended by C-level executives and key decision makers.

Millennials and other digitally minded consumers are forcing financial institutions to rethink the way they do business. These consumers want to bank when and how it suits them. The Bank Customer Experience (BCX) Summit provides bank executives with powerful insights on these trends and highlight innovative technology to help today’s financial institutions transform themselves to capture the next generation of consumers.

With a slogan of “Think Mobile First,” MobilePaymentsToday.com and RetailCustomerExperience.com have joined forces to convene the fourth annual customer experience gathering – a live business networking and social event where executives from both business and technology functions at retail and restaurant enterprises meet up to exchange ideas and make new connections.