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With 20 years of association management experience, Networld offers its publishing and website experience to associations, foundations and non-profits.

In 2015, Networld launched the Interactive Customer Experience Association. With a focus on promoting excellence in interactive customer experience, the ICX Association helps brands apply technology to the goal of creating transcendent customer experiences.

Networld’s experience with associations also includes past management of the Digital Screenmedia Association, the launch of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) as well as the Society for Church Consulting.

Recent Press Releases

Networld Media Group, the parent company of the ICX Association, is transitioning the Interactive Customer Experience Association Board to the Interactive Customer Experience and Bank Customer Experience Advisory Council. This council will gather bankers, retailers, restaurant and hospitality executives to provide insights and guidance for the upcoming jointly held Interactive Customer Experience Summit and Bank Customer Experience Summit from […]

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The Interactive Customer Service Association announced winners of the 2023 Elevate Awards Tuesday evening during the annual summit in Charlotte, North Carolina. Leading customer experience innovators were honored Tuesday at the 2023 Elevate Awards presentation during the Interactive Customer Experience Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina. Presenting the five awards were Alicia Lavay, executive director at the ICX Association, […]

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We are living in a golden age of technology that many of our supplier members are harnessing to revolutionize the customer experience. As customer-facing technology evolves, along with new technology and new markets, the need for keeping pace with industry information is greater than ever before. Despite the name change from the Digital Screenmedia Association to the Interactive Customer Experience Association, the mission is the same– to help brands apply technology to the goal of creating transcendent customer experiences.

The ICX Association is a vital hub that connects users and suppliers in collaborative forums, be they virtual or physical, to understand how seemingly unrelated technologies can be integrated to create experiences so meaningful that customers can’t imagine doing business elsewhere.