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World of Money is a daily news brief that provides a singular source of information for professionals working in businesses that operate within the larger sphere of financial systems as those systems — and the technologies, currencies, payment methods and trends that drive them — continue to evolve.

Our Content
The business of money and the technologies that drive value transfers have changed so radically and touched so many vertical industries over the past decade that the information needs of professionals working in these markets worldwide has exploded. We selectively curate content daily from among the top stories and information sources to bring readers the news they need to succeed in a fast-moving and highly competitive global economy. World of Money is a daily e-newsletter covering trends and technologies in:

Banking — Blockchain — Consumer Experience — Fintech — Hardware — Mobile — Omnichannel Systems —Security — Software —Transactions

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Our Audience
Our primary audience comprises of professionals involved in the transfer of value between people and businesses and anyone else interested in all things money-related. This includes executives, managers, IT leaders, data security professionals, government agency regulators, law enforcement personnel, researchers, consultants, service providers, industry disruptors, venture capitalists, business developers and customer experience professionals.

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