Delivering next-level results for the Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA)

Dissatisfied with their online representation, the Electronics Fund Transfer Association desired a website that would adequately express the level of influence and pedigree of their association members. “Prior to EFTA’s engagement with Networld there was not a process in place for consistent content updates,” Kurt Helwig, EFTA President and CEO, said. “Beyond the lack of consistent website updates, the site was also not mobile friendly.” To optimize their online presence they utilized Networld Media Group to build a custom website, transform their web content and maximize their membership value. As a media company, Networld Media Group, not only rebuilt the EFTA website from the ground up, they also created a new logo to complement this custom creation. Powering EFTA’s media presence, Networld’s Content Services provides weekly, fresh news and feature articles correlating to EFTA’s objectives. “Fresh content has resulted in a dramatic increase in website traffic and website stickiness,” Helwig said. Increasing the caliber of EFTA’s online home base has also led to an interest in membership. “Since we began working with Networld, EFTA has seen a remarkable increase in the amount of time spent on the site,” Helwig said. “The results are an increase in membership, media inquiries and attendance at EFTA-related events.” As a leading voice in D.C., EFTA President and CEO Kurt Helwig now has a website that provides industry-leading thought leadership to support advocacy and engagement with members and those following trends in electronic funds. “The increased timely content has been instrumental in the relaunch of our website. Also, the prompt and courteous response to any questions or updates to the site has been beneficial.” Helwig said. “We would and have recommended Networld Media Group’s services for all of these reasons, as well as the creative component and modern website design.”

“Since we began working with Networld, EFTA has seen a remarkable increase in the amount of time spent on the site.” Kurt Helwig, EFTA President and CEO

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