A flexible platform for the ever-evolving Interactive Customer Experience Association (ICXA)

To coincide with the launch of the ICX Association, Executive Director Scott Slucher envisioned a content and feature-rich website to serve as the digital home for brands and suppliers to interact and find the latest and greatest best practices for the customer experience. It was from those directives and challenges that the Networld Press for Associations platform was expanded and customized to deliver a new way for association members to network, collaborate in peer groups, find an ever-expanding library of content and embody the type of excellent customer experience that the association promotes. The website is far more than your standard information brochure. Just like the association, the website needed to serve multiple member types as well as prospective members or those looking to find the latest thought leadership related to the customer experience. “When we designed this web experience, we were serving a few different masters,” Scott Slucher, Executive Director of the ICX Association said. “End-Users and their suppliers, as well as prospective members and dues paying members. It was a tricky balance of trying to have enough relevant content for all of those parties without turning everyone off with too much information.” Enhancing the membership value for supplier members is a supplier directory and advertising opportunities, as well as opportunities for them to interact with end-users. The association’s end-users, or B2C brand members, include professionals from such disciplines as customer experience and service, loyalty, merchandising, marketing, sales, and retail operation. The member-only module features a variety of ways for these members to collaborate and initiate project-based peer groups, a resource that Slucher said has been very well received. “Our end-user members were especially excited about the prospect of being able to communicate with their counterparts at non-competing brands to learn from their experiences.” With the launch of icxa.org, powered by Networld’s AssociationPress, the ICX Association not only promotes the tech-powered customer experience but it has a website platform that embodies it and allows it to enhance it’s members’ experience. “We’ve been very pleased with how the website turned out,” Slucher said. “It gives us everything we need to tell our story in a compelling way to each of our unique constituencies. We’re already seeing how flexible the platform is as we plan some new initiatives in the coming year.” Whether you are looking for emerging trends and best practices for the customer experience, or looking for a powerful example of Networld Press for Associations in action, visit icxa.org today!

“We’ve been very pleased with how the website turned out. It gives us everything we need to tell our story in a compelling way to each of our unique constituencies. We’re already seeing how flexible the platform is as we plan some new initiatives in the coming year.” Scott Slucher, ICXA Executive Director

2017 Update: Another evolution 

In the latest evolution of the ICXA website, the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association launched a new website redesign and new logo for 2017, aimed at better reflecting the Association’s focus and growth. The new website unveils a new color scheme and a new logo for the Association, both more closely aligned with the branding of the partnered ICX Summit.

“We wanted to create a more vibrant, dynamic site that reflects the dynamism of the industry, as well as draw more attention to our members, to better focus attention on them, their accomplishments and their thought leadership in the field of interactive customer experience technologies,” ICX Association Managing Director Christopher Hall said. “And we wanted to stress our extremely successful ICX Summit partnership and create more consistent branding between the two. Both the ICX summit and the ICX Association serve the industry with critical content, connections and business partnerships.”

The top of the site is now dedicated to member blogs and articles, and a more prominent member directory. The new site design also brings the Association’s ICX Map of innovative customer-facing tech deployments to its homepage, as well as its rich Resource Library of member case studies and white papers as well as research publications from parent organization Networld Media Group, the publisher of ATMMarketplace.com, DigitalSignageToday.com, FastCasual.com, KioskMarketplace.com, MobilePaymentsToday.com, PizzaMarketplace.com and QSRWeb.com.

The homepage also includes an events calendar featuring the upcoming ICX Summit, June 5-7 in Dallas, and more prominently features blog posts, case studies and research reports from the Association’s Resource Library.

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