Executive Briefing: E-commerce Usability


Minor improvements to your retail website’s usability can drive major increases in sales. In this report, you’ll learn the steps you can take today to squeeze every drop of value out of your e-commerce site.

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The most successful retail sites abide by strict usability and search engine optimization guidelines, and follow a set of concrete best practices. This report will get you up to speed with those guidelines and best practices, and help you increase the flow of sales to your e-commerce site.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Seven usability guidelines every retail website should follow
  • Ten strategies for driving traffic to your e-commerce site
  • Six best practices for e-commerce usability

Also, the report includes a 43-page comparison chart, laying out side-by-side the 50 leading e-commerce software packages and showing you which ones support which features (data storage, payment gateway support, marketing and upselling features, shipping calculation and many more).