Daniel Brown has joined the ICX Board of Directors, according to an announcement from Networld Media Group CEO, Kathy Doyle.

Brown is the editor of Digital Signage Today, a contributing editor for automationandselfservice.com, and an accomplished writer and multimedia content producer covering technology and business. With work appearing in a range of publications, he is the author of two novels and a podcaster. His previous experience includes IT and project management at an Ivy League research institution, education and business consulting, and retail sales and management.

The Mission of the ICX Association is to connect B2C brands, institutions and other organizations to technology that elevates the customer experience. ICXA board members are professional leaders in their field and share meaningful experiential contributions to the association in their area of specialization.

For more information about the Interactive Customer Experience Association or to submit a membership application, visit https://icxa.org/join or contact Alicia Lavay, Executive Director at alicial@icxa.org.

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