In the interest of providing readers with insight on how fast the kiosk industry is growing and what user segments are growing the fastest, Kiosk Marketplace is asking readers for input for its annual Kiosk Marketplace Census.

Readers can click here to fill out a questionnaire to the staff in compiling the sixth annual Kiosk Marketplace Census. The questionnaire will take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out.

Respondents who complete the questionnaire will qualify to win a $100 Amazon gift card. The winner will be picked at random.

The annual census generates statistics on the self-service kiosk industry, providing readers a tool to measure their own company’s performance against industry averages.

The findings will be presented in early 2023.

You asked, we responded

The purpose of the census is to quantify the growth in kiosk placements and highlight trends that are driving the growth. The census will also include information on kiosk operating costs, the most significant kiosk benefits, the fastest growing kiosk technologies and the challenges facing the industry.

Kiosk Marketplace created the census in 2017 in response to requests for reliable data on the size and growth of the self-service kiosk industry. Reader response has been positive as companies active in the industry — or looking to enter it — seek reliable information for business planning.

The results are organized into five industry segments:

  • Retailers, organizations or brands that offer kiosks.
  • Kiosk hardware manufacturers.
  • Kiosk software manufacturers.
  • Kiosk value-added resellers.
  • Kiosk hardware component manufacturers.

Participants are asked questions pertinent to their particular business segment.

What’s included

The survey covers the following kiosk applications:

  • Wayfinding.
  • Bill payment.
  • Health screening.
  • Retail self-service.
  • Omnichannel fulfillment.
  • Electric vehicle charging.
  • Cannabis dispensing.
  • Industrial supply dispensing.
  • Industrial/retail pickup lockers.
  • Food pickup lockers.
  • HR/employee self-service.
  • Health supplies.
  • Safety supplies.
  • Parking.
  • Vehicle registration renewal.
  • Restaurant self-service.
  • Customs processing.
  • Phone charging.
  • Transportation check-in.
  • Coupon dispensing/redemption.
  • Telehealth examinations.
  • Pharmacy self-service.
  • Photo processing.
  • Gaming/entertainment.
  • Printing.
  • Real estate services and rental payment.

The survey does NOT include ATMs, beverage vending machines, snack vending machines and amusement vending machines.

Kiosk Marketplace asks participants to complete the questionnaire to the best of their ability.

To take the survey, click here.

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