Networld Media Group has appointed Morgan Petty as the Executive Director of the company’s Interactive Customer Experience Association. Morgan brings to the ICXA association, more than 12 years of community-building experience and over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, centering around the customer experience and technology.

Morgan will connect executives from consumer-facing brands with data, research and insights, allowing these brands to move their customer experience initiatives forward. In addition, Morgan will facilitate industry-specific peer groups, where executives can share ideas, information and even challenges within the private network.

“I strive to connect consumer-facing brands with information and solution providers who can deliver on the companies’ CX initiatives. The ultimate goal is to inspire innovation that will positively impact the way customers and B2C brands interact.” said Morgan. “Customer Experience Officers must be agile and have the tools necessary to make customer-driven changes to the way they do business. The ICX Association acts as an arm to support these objectives. I want to hear the successes, along with the needs and challenges, to best serve brands as they innovate. More than just conversations, I will work to create action from the ideas and information shared within the association.”

President of Networld Media Group, Kathy Doyle, said, “executives from consumer-facing brands can join the association, participate in industry peer group calls and utilize the vast resources offered by the ICX Association at no cost. Membership is also available to companies providing solutions that improve the customer experience. Morgan’s passion for customer-centric business practices as well as the technologies that are powering great customer experiences is a tremendous benefit for the ICX Association and its members.”

For more information about the Interactive Customer Experience Association or to submit a membership application, visit Morgan can be contacted at

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