Networld Media Group, publishers of and other leading business-to-business web portals, has published “Cash Box: The Invention and Globalization of the ATM,” the first book to detail the five-decade history of the simple cash-dispensing machine that has survived competing technologies, evolving consumer habits and cultural shifts.

Thoroughly researched and documented, “Cash Box” guides readers on a journey through the ancient origins of money to the sudden appearance of cash dispensers in the 1960s. The book unravels the machine’s invention story and reveals intriguing historical facts:

  • How the PIN came to be
  • Why IBM backed out of ATM manufacturing
  • How the machine has thrived despite massive regulation and fraud
  • The story of the global ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)
  • Why so few non-cash ATM functions were accepted by consumers
  • The truth about the cashless society

“The ATM is currently undergoing some significant evolutionary developments,” writes ATMIA CEO Michael Lee in the book’s foreword. “As a futurist, I know you cannot understand where a technology is going until you know where it comes from. This book is a much-needed and commendable contribution to understanding the rise of the self-service consumer society most of the world lives in today.”

“Cash Box” is sponsored by Pendum, the nation’s largest independent ATM service provider, and is available for purchase as a single copy or in bulk, with customization options available. To purchase an individual copy, click here: For bulk purchase options, please contact Liz Matney lizm(at)networldmediagroup(dot)com.


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