Networld Media Group’s digital media properties and have announced a unique new collaborative event, the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit 2013.

Prime mover for the event is the rapid concurrent growth in consumer demand for both ATM (cash) and mobile financial services. The conference will focus especially on the state of convergence between the cash and mobile payments industries, exploring how consumers are driving change, which emerging technologies and business models are succeeding and how lawmakers and regulators are likely to respond.

Proposed coverage and discussion topics include:

  • Expert analysis of salient trends in ATM and mobile banking/payments industries.
  • Key convergence points for ATM and mobile payment technologies (success stories/case studies from around the globe).
  • Rising importance of security and cyber-risk management.
  • Comprehensive briefings around imminent legislative/regulatory activity as well as the expected future state for industry regulation.

In the works are plans for direct discussions among banking and payment industry executives and the federal lawmakers and regulators who will ultimately oversee and control their activities in business.

“We are excited to be planning such an interactive – and multilateral – event,” says Joseph Grove, Senior VP with Networld Media Group and Executive Editor for both and “Our primary objective for the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit 2013 is to inspire meaningful dialog among all industry players and interests – discussions that will help to define a clear roadmap (#futureofpayments) for where the ATM and mobile payments industries are now heading, how they will integrate, and what kinds of security and other protections will best serve both businesses and consumers in the quest to deliver the ultimate in banking and payments convenience.”

The ATM & Mobile Executive Summit 2013 will be produced in partnership with the Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA) and sponsored by the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and MagTek. The event will be held at Washington D.C.’s Hotel Madison on September 25-26, 2013.

The Summit’s confirmed speaker and participant roster already includes:

  • Lynne Barr, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP, an advisor to banks, brokerage concerns, mortgage companies and other entities on formulating service offers in context of federal and state regulations.
  • Bob Bucceri, General Partner, Chaddesford Planning Associates LLC, an expert with 20+ years of experience in EBT and consultant to the Electronic Funds Transfer Association.
  • Kurt Helwig, President and CEO, Electronic Funds Transfer Association, a frequent advisor to legislators and government agencies on payment systems issues, including the Durbin Amendment, prepaid cards, fraud and risk in the payment system.
  • Mike Lee, CEO, ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), a qualified futurist and globally recognized promoter of ATM industry interests.
  • Wayne Malone, CEO, Citishare, an expert with 25+ years of experience in developing payment and ATM products and services for major financial institutions, including Citibank and JP Morgan Chase.
  • Lee Manfred, Partner, First Annapolis Consulting, a 25+ year expert advisor to financial institutions, payment networks, processors, retailers and technology providers.
  • Joseph M. Samuel, SVP, Global Public Affairs, First Data Corp., a leader in corporate regulatory outreach, government lobbying and advocacy initiatives.
  • Mimi Hart, CEO, MagTek, Inc., a leader and visionary with 35+ years of ATM and payment industry experience who spearheaded the development of the industry’s first secure card readers.

Additional details can be tracked here as event planning continues. Sponsorship details can be obtained here.

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