Networld Media Group President and Publisher Kathy Doyle has appointed Alicia Lavay to executive director of the company’s Interactive Customer Experience Association.

Lavay is the former president and publisher of Vending Times and currently serves as the company’s brand director. As a seasoned executive and business owner, Lavay brings more than 35 years of strong media and communication skills with a demonstrated history in publishing, customer relationship management, media buying and media relations, along with 20 years of experience in digital strategy centered around the customer experience.

“Everyone who has watched this industry for a while will have seen that it doesn’t advance along a smooth upward slope. Progress is stepwise, with periods of innovation alternating with periods during which the early adopters become familiar with the new products and start finding additional uses for them, while their less adventurous peers start coming on board. During these apparent lulls, the new concepts are refined and improved as the result of experience and user feedback,” said Lavay.

“The mission of the Interactive Customer Experience Association is to connect B2C brands, institutions and other organizations to technology that elevates the customer experience. As executive director, I am excited to help facilitate these relationships and orchestrate industry-specific peer groups, where like-minded members of the industry come together for virtual networking. We all need to keep pace with this dynamic industry, give the market what it wants and at the same time stay true to core business values.”

For more information about the Interactive Customer Experience Association or to submit a membership application, visit or contact Alicia Lavay at

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