The opening keynote for the Bank Customer Experience Summit, being held in Chicago from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, will examine the future of bank branches.

COVID-19. In fact, with the immense growth of digital banking, some banks have begun to question if branches are still viable in the 2020s.

Other banks, however, are looking at their branch in a new light and beginning to examine different design trends to make branches effective for new consumer bases.

Stephen K Griffin, SVP retail branch distribution strategy and sales at Regions Bank, will deliver an opening keynote at the Bank Customer Experience Summit, being held in Chicago from Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, that will examine how banks are changing branch strategy and what’s on the horizon for branches.

ATM Marketplace spoke to Griffin via an email interview to get a preview of his keynote.

Q. What are a few challenges facing branches today?

A. How does the branch fit into the ever-changing world of digital transformation? Is the branch still a viable conduit? Are consolidations impacting the way customers view the bank? What is the right distribution strategy and operating mix given the environment we are in?

Q. What are some of the ways branches are addressing those challenges?

A. Banks are changing the branch interior design and functionality, creating more efficient markets through consolidation and realignment, examining job families and complimenting their digital channels.

Q. What do you hope attendees will learn about the future of branches from your keynote?

A. What the forward vision of the branch space and functionality looks like as well as understanding if perception is changing reality through enhancement of digital channels or are we truly there yet?

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