The Interactive Customer Experience Association has released a new customer experience database and map that shows where the best in-venue experiences are located around the globe.

“Probably the No. 1 thing our end-user members have been asking for is a compendium of great customer experience examples,” said Christopher Hall, the managing director of the Association. “They want to see how experience is being done around the globe to help inspire and inform their own experience efforts. We came up with the ICX map to show them the way.”

The map is located on the ICX Association site, and Hall said he wants end-users and brands that have deployed interactive customer experience technology in new, innovative and engaging ways to contact him to “get on the map.”

“We work to put brands together with the companies that provide them with matching technologies to make these experiences,” he said, “as well as with other brands who can share their experience and key learnings from similar projects with each other.”

So far the map includes everything from restaurants to retail, astronaut training simulators to zoos – and the ICX Association wants to include any well-done example of interactive technology in a customer-facing setting, whether it’s a museum or an amusement park.

The Association also has made available to members its ICX Resource Library, a collection of paid research reports that are free for download to Association members, including retail future trends reports, digital signage future trends reports and the state of the fast casual restaurant industry.

Find the ICX Map at

And the ICX Resource Library at

About the Association

The Interactive Customer Experience Association’s mission is to help brands apply technology to the goal of creating transcendent customer experiences. The ICX Association is a vital hub that connects users and suppliers in collaborative forums, be they virtual or physical, to understand how seemingly unrelated technologies can be integrated to create experiences so meaningful that customers can’t imagine doing business elsewhere.

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