The Bank Customer Experience Summit will provide key insights into banking trends and networking opportunities for attendees.

One of the most difficult tasks to do in any industry is keeping up with trends. When situations globally and locally can change rapidly, it can be a major challenge to get an idea of what trends really matter in an industry, whether that be banking, retail or restaurants. Luckily for the banking world, there is an event that consistently delivers deep insights into trends and it’s called the Bank Customer Experience Summit, which will be held this year from Aug. 31st to Sept. 1st in Chicago.

Need more convincing? Here are two reasons you should attend this year’s event.

You’ll get key insight into banking tech trends

At the event, you will hear several panels and keynote sessions that will dive into what’s new and on the horizon for banking technology, on both the traditional bank and fintech level.

For example, during the opening keynote, Stephen Griffin, SVP and director of the retail distribution planning group at Regions Bank, will share insight into the future of bank branches by drawing on his vast experience in the realm of branch management, data management and analytics.

Other panels on technology will cover topics such as:

  • Latest trends in mobile banking.
  • Whether fintechs or banks are rivals or partners.
  • How to deliver an effective omnichannel banking experience.
  • How to deliver successful self-service technology.

In addition to these panels, you will also get to see truly impactful solutions in action during the BCX Awards Ceremony and Cocktail Party, which will give out rewards to companies in the following categories:

  • Best Branch Experience.
  • Best ATM/Self-Service Experience (vendor).
  • Best ATM/Self-Service Experience (bank).
  • Best Digital Solution (bank).
  • Best Digital Solution (vendor).
  • Innovator of the Year (Bank: this will go to an executive who has stepped up to create positive CX change in the industry).
  • Innovator of the Year (vendor).

You will get multiple opportunities to network

In addition to panelists, you will also get a chance to network and learn from your peers.

Guests will able to network during the cocktail party and during an event called The 3 Bs: Breakfast, Brain Exchange and Briefings.

During this event, attendees will break into information group discussion tables to discuss key issues facing the banking industry today such as self-service or staffing issues. Attendees can both learn from each other and network during this event.

If all this sounds interesting to you, sign up now for the event here. Use the code BCXEDIT20 at checkout for 20% off.

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