The finalists have officially been announced for the Bank Customer Experience Summit Awards, which will be held in Chicago during the summit, which will run from Sept. 13 to 15.

The finalists have officially been announced for the Bank Customer Experience Summit Awards, which will be held in Chicago during the summit, which will run from Sept. 13 to 15. These companies have delivered innovative solutions ranging from AI powered video ATMs to banking “super apps” that act as one stop shops for all of a customer’s banking needs.

The judges included Frank Aloi president and CEO of ath Power, Tom Harper, founder and CEO of Networld Media Group and Bradley Cooper, editor of ATM Marketplace. They judged entries in four categories:

  • Best ATM/self-service experience.
  • Best branch experience.
  • Best mobile experience(banking).
  • Best mobile experience(fintech).

The judges selected the finalists in each category for their innovative solutions in the space. The winners will be officially announced during the BCX Awards ceremony and dinner party.

In the best ATM/self-service category, the finalists are Auriga’s #NextGenBranch and the Hawaii State Federal Credit Union innovative branch. The #NextGenBranch features an ATM that uses AI, video banking and automation to deliver a 24/7 banking solution. Customers may perform tasks such as bill payments, check cashing or bank transfers on the ATMs themselves or call up a video teller to help them with the task.

The Hawaii Credit Union deployed Hyosung’s Interactive Teller Machines that provide customers access to all of their banking accounts, including checking, savings, personal loans and mortgages. The credit union selected this solution both to improve customer experience and maximize staff efficiency. It deployed these machines at a new branch, which it is using as a test location.

“I love the Credit Union thinking forward(in a space that typically doesn’t) to consider using a new branch as a test lab. They’re telling the market, ‘you can have all the benefits of a CU wit the innovative approach of a big bank,'” Aloi said.

The finalists in the other categories include:

Best Branch Experience

  • Blue Ridge Bank by BluePoint ATM Solutions for its cryptocurrency ATM.
  • The Industrial Bank flagship branch, which offers modular design, green initiatives, smart tables, QR codes and more.

Best Mobile Experience(banks)

  • MillenniumBCP’s mobile app StayOn: a “super app” that provides banking, insurance, loans and other banking tools.
  • First National Bank’s Click-to-Bricks: a customizable banking experience that features an e-store, shopping cart, selection tools, knowledge center, help center and more.

Best Mobile Experience(fintech)

  • Moxtra’s OneStop Customer Portal: a personalized experience platform for banks that allows them to deliver fully interactive features to customers such as text, voice and video messaging, digital signature, screen sharing, e-paper trails and more, all while managing identities, responsibilities and workflows.
  • Compliance Systems’ Simplicity Mobile solution: a compliance solution for online deposit account opening that allows users to view and accept terms and conditions to open accounts in a fraction of the time it would take in a branch.

To see the awards in person, click here to register for the summit. Use the code AMCEDIT20 for 20% off at checkout. Early bird pricing ends Aug. 13.

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