Elliot Maras, the editor of Vending Times and Kiosk Marketplace will retire Feb. 26. He plans to work on creative writing and travel in his retirement.

Elliot Maras, editor of Vending Times and Kiosk Marketplace, is retiring effective Feb. 26. Maras has headed the editorial content for the sites since 2016.

Vending Times and Kiosk Marketplace are owned by Networld Media Group. Maras, a resident of Las Vegas, says his time at the sites has been invaluable.

“When I explain to people the difference between Vending Times and Kiosk Marketplace, Vending Times focuses on food and beverage vending. It’s basically a channel for workplace food service, whereas Kiosk Marketplace is focused on the non-food self-service aspect,” he said.

Maras previously spent 20 years as the editor of a publication called Automatic Merchandiser, which focused on the convenience services industry, and he started a vending newsletter while there.

While at Automatic Merchandiser, Maras became increasingly aware of the hardware and software rise in technology in the self-service industry. Vending machines were starting to add digital touchscreens and social media was coming into play, Maras said. The digital interface, it seemed, was changing the vending industry.

Maras would attend kiosk and digital signage tradeshows, and Networld Media Group owned one of those tradeshows. He became aware of Networld’s publications and met an executive from the company.

“I became familiar with Networld in my role as a reporter for the convenience services industry,” Maras said. In 2016, an editorial position opened with the company and Maras got the position.

“Working alongside Elliot for the past decade has been truly honorable. His profound reporting, coupled with the establishment of trusted relationships, played a pivotal role in shaping numerous industry trends that have evolved over the years,” said Kathy Doyle, CEO of Networld Media Group. “Through crafting compelling stories, delivering news with precision, and uniting individuals with shared interests, Elliot helped push forward an industry.”

Maras said he plans to work on creative writing ventures and will travel with his wife, Rina.

“I will certainly miss being a part of Networld Media Group. It is a great company. I will also miss the many friends I’ve made in the self-service industry over the years — I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” Maras added.

Networld Media Group would like to wish Maras well on his future endeavors.

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