Networld Media Group presented the Bank Customer Experience Awards honoring five innovators for branch, ATM and mobile experiences; the ceremony was held as part of the Bank Customer Experience Summit.

Networld Media Group, publisher of ATM Marketplace, Mobile Payments Today and World of Money, presented five awards on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 24, during a banquet held as part of the 7th annual  Bank Customer Experience (BCX) Summit at the Loews Chicago Hotel.

The BCX Awards recognize unique, innovative and pioneering financial institutions and technology providers whose branches and technologies are having the most impact on consumers.

Awards and award winners for 2019 included:

Best Branch Experience:

U.S. Bank (submitted by  SLD) — U.S. Bank asked SLD to develop a new branch design that provides a modern, immersive customer experience in order to grow their brand, stand out in a competitive environment and deepen community engagement. The new branch, located in the East Village of San Diego, merges digital with physical. A centrally located learning zone, renamed “Digital Discovery Center,” offers educational resources through digital touchpoints. Interactive Teller Machines were also introduced to give customers a choice in how they complete their transactions.

Judges comments:
• “A combination of a modern interactive experience and a personal touch, makes the customer feel like they can take care of important financial issues with speed, efficiency and a sense that the bank really values their business.”
• “I appreciated the bank connecting to its community at a deeper level while delivering top-of-the-line service and customer tech education and choice. This East Village branch seems like a true community hub, almost like a financial coffee shop.”

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union (honorable mention) — In May, the bank opened their fourth and largest financial center in their social banking model. New enhancements allow them to spend more face-to-face time with their members, operate more efficiently, extend their hours and dedicate space for financial education.

Judges comments:

• “What impressed me most is its investment in its small community by providing high-end ITMs and other tech, modern facilities, financial education, a comfortable atmosphere and strong local connection.”
• “A strong mix of interactive technology, along with a welcoming environment and educational resources to help customers make the best financial decisions.”

Best ATM/Self-Service Experience:

Sampath Bank Sri Lanka (submitted by Transaction Systems Ltd) — The bank’s Remote Teller Station solution, is a compact kiosk that can be used both as a traditional unattended terminal as well as a remote teller. The kiosk enables customers to perform almost all of their banking business via real-time video interaction and guidance of remote teller, providing an effective and hassle-free self-service banking experience.

Judges comments:

• “The branch-in-a-kiosk technology offers an innovative, cost-effective way to give customers the benefit of full-service banking without the need for a full buildout, making it easier for remote customers to complete complex transactions.”
• “The bank’s innovative use of technology is at the forefront of deployed automated solutions in the FI space.”

Best Mobile/Online Experience (financial institution):

BBVA — BBVA Net Cash Mobile expands upon the typical mobile treasury management experience, allowing users to perform a wide range of functions that might otherwise tie them to their desks. Users can initiate and approve ACH payments and pass-thru files, domestic and international wire payments, loan payments and draws, and account transfers while on the go.

Judges comments:

• “I believe this innovation by BBVA will be a trend-setter for the business world.”
• “A convenient, intuitive application that helps companies complete important financial decisions on the go.”

Best Mobile/Online Experience (non-traditional FIs or fintech provider):

Paykey — PayKey enables banks and mobile wallets to offer their customers instant access to a variety of financial services, including P2P payments, account info from within any mobile app, including all social and messaging apps. Their Social Payments Solution creates a frictionless experience that drives customer engagement.

Judges comments:

• “PayKey brings mobile banking services to a new generation of customers by meeting them where they spend the most time — on social media.”
• “It’s a unique, elegant solution allowing FIs to engage their customer base in a new way.”

Judges for the awards included:

• Amy Castor, Editor, ATM Marketplace and World of Money
• Tom Harper, CEO, Networld Media Group
• David Jones, Editor, Mobile Payments Today

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