Indianapolis is “America’s drive-thru capital,” according to Chrysler Capital, which analyzed data to reveal which U.S. cities were the best for drive-thrus based on the number of drive-thru restaurants, drive-in cinemas, gas stations and overall traffic congestion levels,

The city is also home to this year’s Fast Casual Executive Summit, Oct. 9-11 at the JW Marriott, and registration is now open.

“The full speaker lineup and agenda will be announced in a few months, but with studies showing that 75% of Americans have used a drive-thru since the pandemic hit — a 43% increase since April 2020 — we will spend some time discussing trends in the drive-thru experience,” said Cherryh Cansler, VP of Events for Networld Media Group, which produces the Summit.

Indianapolis scored 68.5 points out of 100 in Chrysler’s study, while San Antonio was a close second with a 66.3. Louisville (62.2), Phoenix (61.4) and Las Vegas (61.3), rounded out the Top 5.

In addition to taking the top score overall, Indianapolis also scored full marks for its number of drive-in cinemas, with Louisville, Columbus and Detroit all coming tied with a score of 21.9.

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