Attendees will become mini experts in all-things NFT, digital innovation, fixing the labor shortages and meeting food insecurity needs. Speakers include Blaine Hurst, former Panera CEO, and Bryce Fluellen, executive director of Everytable.

What if you could become a mini expert in all-things NFT, digital innovation, fixing the labor shortage and meeting food insecurity needs?

Well, you’ll have a great start if you attend the Executive Perspectives: Inspiration for Today’s Restaurant Leaders during the annual Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit, being held March 20-22 in Coral Gables, Florida.

Modeled after TEDTalks, you will hear four 15-minute, thought-provoking presentations that will leave you challenged and inspired. They include:

  • “How Restaurant Brands Can Help Meet Food Insecurity Needs” by Bryce Fluellen, executive director of Everytable.
  • “Workplace Shortage? There’s an Untapped Labor Pool” by Blaine Hurst former Panera CEO and adviser of Delish Sisters/Blaine Hurst Enterprises.
  • “The Digital Dance: Sustaining Digital Innovation” by John Laporte, president of TASK North America.
  • “Why NFTs, Why Now?” by Steve Lieber, VP franchise business development of BurgerFi.

Register for the summit here.

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