It’s almost time for the fast casual industry’s family reunion. The Fast Casual Executive Summit kicks off on Oct. 3 in Charlotte.

In a sea of boring restaurant conferences, there is a life raft in the form of the Fast Casual Executive Summit.

Instead of hundreds of booths lined with products you won’t use and booth hosts stopping you on your way to the bathroom to capture your email address, the Summit, Oct. 3-5 in Charlotte, is a place where operators can learn from one another make new connections and gather information about products and services on our own terms. It’s also affordable and provides a stress-free environment for you to learn about growing your business. In a word, it’s “fun,” and we could all use more of that after these last two years. (Note: we are following all COVID-19 protocol to ensure we provide a safe experience.)

It also happens to be my favorite event of the year — one that I’ve missed desperately and am excited to host (finally) in person again! We were able to have a mini-reunion two weeks ago in Atlanta during the annual Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit, and it was fabulous to be together again. But I digress.

Back to the Fast Casual Executive Summit

Although we have a plethora of speakers sharing their experiences, one highlight is an hour-long session featuring 15-minute talks about a variety of topics. Called, “Executive Perspectives: Inspiration for Today’s Restaurant Leaders,” you can think of it as the fast casual version of TEDTalks. This year, you’ll hear from:

  • “Community Building: Putting Community On The Menu,” by Adenah Bayoh, founder of Cornbread.
  • “Creating an Award-Winning Brand in Half a Decade,” Landon and Kat Eckles, co-founders of Clean Juice.
  • “Robots & Restaurants: The Perfect Combo,” by Benson Tsai, CEO and co-founder of Serve Automation
  • And another from Zach Goldstein, CEO of Thanx (title in the works)

Another standout event this year will be our exclusive tour (we rented it out — we fancy) to the NASCAR museum, where we and 7Shifts, a company known for simplifying payroll, will treat you to amazing food and cocktails. You’ll also have the chance to get in on the racing action with 50 interactive experiences. Get behind the wheel of an iRacing simulator on your favorite track, or see if you have what it takes to make the team in the Pit Crew Challenge.

The Fast Casual Executive Summit, of course, features an amazing lineup of speakers, including execs from some of the largest fast casuals in the world but also several emerging brands who will talk about building their brands.

There’s something for everyone at the Fast Casual Executive Summit. Register here.

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