Amber Gadsby, Domino’s director of digital retail innovation, shared insight on how the pizza brand is continually driving innovation within the organization and its strategy to develop a sophisticated e-commerce channel in a keynote kicking off today’s #ElevateICX, a one-day virtual symposium presented by the ICX Association.

In 60 years Domino’s has grown from one store in Michigan to being the world’s largest pizza company with 16,000 stores worldwide in over 100 countries and doing $16 billion in retail sales.

In the last decade, it conquered the digital realm as well with 70% of U.S. sales transacted through digital channels — the brand now boasts over 10 ways customers can place an order.

All that growth and success is tied to a philosophy created at its very founding: cultivating a spirit of innovation.

“For Domino’s, I think that the whole spirit of innovation is really couched within the culture around a work-in-progress brand. It’s not a destination, it’s a process and it’s a continual pursuit of improvement,” said Amber Gadsby, Domino’s director of digital retail innovation during her opening keynote address today at #ElevateICX, a virtual symposium presented by the ICX Association.

The one-day symposium included nearly a half dozen sessions on topics relevant to brands striving to boost the customer experience by embracing interactive technology. The opening keynote, sponsored by Acquire, kicked off with a presentation from Amrit Dhangal, Acquire co-founder and COO.

In her half-hour symposium presentation, Gadsby shared insight on how Domino’s was founded with the sentiment of innovation from its very start and how it continues to the current day.

“Innovation is a process so there will be lots of evolutions along the way — one which includes our growth as an e-commerce company,” she said, adding, “We have the roots of a pizza org but now over the last decade have over 70% of U.S. sales transacted through digital channels which really have pivoted us to a pretty sophisticated e-commerce organization as well.”

Gadsby mapped out innovation highlights from the last decade, the reason why Domino’s values complete transparency with its customers, why data points play a critical role in the customer experience strategy as well as how customer insight leads to opportunities to improve.

“Understand where your customers are going and where your technology can follow to drive maximum value for them,” Gadsby said.

The annual #ElevateICX event, hosted by Networld Media Group and the ICX Association, provides leaders from retail, restaurants, banks, hotels and other B2C companies a rare opportunity to learn from CX thought leaders about what’s working, what’s not, and how to create amazing experiences for their own customers. The mission of the ICX Association is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience.

To learn more about Domino’s culture of nimble innovation, download Gadsby’s presentation here.

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